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Colonial Trinidad

In 1514, the first governor of Cuba, Diego Velázquez, founded Trinidad, the island's third town (after Baracoa and Bayamo in the east), near the mouth of the Arimao River, an area with a native settlement called Guamuahaya. The famous defender of native people Fray Bartolome de las Casas celebrated the foundational mass of La Villa de la Santí¬sima Trinidad.

The splendor of the sugar industries was damaged by the Wars of Independence in the 19th century and by the end of slavery. Lots of cane plantations were devastated or abandoned. Core sugar production moved to Matanzas, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos, which became the most important cities of the region. During the years of the Republic, Trinidad suffered the same economic fortunes as the island as a whole, with periods of crisis and periods of recovery. Meanwhile, the sugar and coffee industries were modernized, the population grew and new urban zones developed out from the colonial centre.

Trinidad witnessed scenes of the revolution, battles that took place on nearby Escambray Sierra, and the fight against counterrevolutionary bands, which arose on these mountains after 1959. In 1988, the Centro Histórico of Trinidad and its Valle de los Ingenios were declared Patrimony of Humanity, for having one of the most complete architectural collections in the Americas, an ambience little affected by the passage of the years, a strong sense of unity, and also marked senses of time and place. Twenty km from the city is Topes de Collantes, one of Cuba’s premier ecotourism centres. Another attraction is the Casilda Bay, which attracts both snorkelers and divers. A nearby islet has pristine beaches.

Ancon Beach is a white sand beach that boasts a number of three- and four star hotels.These factors also make Trinidad one of Cuba's most popular areas for tourists.

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