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Reservation Notes

Things you should know:

  • At the time of your reservation must submit the originals of your passport and visa. We not accept copies of documents.
  • According to government laws in each room can sleep two adults and their families under 18.
  • Please take seriously its reserves, because in Cuba, flat taxes are paid for each room, although not are unoccupied.
  • Please note that our home is a family place, so do not allow sex tourism or prostitution.
  • To smoke you must use spaces (Terrace, Patio, etc.)

To make a booking we advise you check prices first, then may send an e-mail from the form displayed on this website, specifying your needs. Should also mention your plan to arrive at trinidad (by bus or taxi).

We would answer your reservation within 48 hours and will explain how to do the initial deposit to guarantee your reservation safely. This deposit includes our bank transaction fees and covers just the first night's accommodation (room only).  It is non-refundable.

  • As our clients from the USA can't send money to Cuba we use a bank account in Italy. To avoid mistakes in the transfer, please do not fill in forms with our Cuban details. Just use the information in the table above.
  • Once you receive this email we will hold the room for you for 6 days until we receive confirmation that you have sent the deposit. If after 6 days we have not received confirmation we may give the room to other clients.
  • If you have any problems with bank transfers or need more time for a cheaper transfer please contact us by email.
  • If you do not want to go ahead with the booking process please let us know so we can make the room available to other clients, however we will hold the room for the 6 days. When the deposit arrives in our account we will send you confirmation of your reservation.

Banking Coordinates

Owner: Reinier Ihonny Toscano Orbea (Son of Sandra and Victor)

Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara S.p.A
Address of Bank: Agenzia di San Giuseppe Vecchio (Codice 00138)

Account Number: 80921280

IBAN: IT24 Z061 1013 6380 0008 0921 280
ABI 6110
CAB 13638

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