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Casa Particular Sandra and Victor: A perfect place to relax with his family on vacation, in a colonial city, a treasure of humanity and Cuba: Trinidad

Hosts: Sandra Orbea Cerrillo and Victor Aguila Ruiz

Address: Antonio Maceo (Gutierrez) # 613 A, between: Piro Guinart (Boca) and Pablo Pisch (Guaurabo), Trinidad. S. Spiritus. Cuba

0053 41996444 (International)
       0 41996444 (from Havana)
     01 41996444 (from other provinces)
               996444 (Local)
0053 52447846 (Mobile)


*In Trinidad every street has two names, one colonial and one modern. Generally the people known about the ancient or colonial names (they are written between parentisis), so we ask you to pay attention when looking at your guides in different directions.

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